Art Direction

Brand Identity

Web Design


Valhalla makes digital reverb and analog-inspired delay plugins for musicians and audio engineers. Their mission is to make accessible tools for all artists—from hobbyists to heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar and Jack Antonoff. A husband and wife team, they care deeply about their craft and wanted a brand refresh to reflect that. Really a dream client scenario. Thank you Sean and Kristin.

Plugin Identity

With a library of eight plugins, we created a cohesive system that gave each plugin its own visual identity while maintaining brand unity. I spent a lot of time absorbing Sean’s technical perspective and designed icons that reflect the shape of the sound waves coming from each plugin.

Aura Visual Language

Music is organic, not just technical, so Sean and Kristin wanted to tie in some emotion and spiritualism into the identity. Based on aura photography, we decided what energy each plugin radiates. We used the qualities each color represents to map unique auras for the plugin identities, rounding out the system.

Anne Collier. Courtesy of Creative Time.

Anne Collier. Courtesy of Creative Time.


The entire branding process culminated in a refreshed website. Critically, it features a clear guide to what each plugin offers, including sound samples and instructional videos for the top sellers. Valhalla is active with its community of artists, so a robust blog was vital.

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