Art Direction

Brand Identity

Web Design


Shepherd is a veterinary practice management software that runs on the foundational belief that “vets deserve joy.” Their software is intuitive and stress-free, but the brand did not align. Together, we developed a new brand identity and marketing website that introduced joy and playfulness, bringing their values to the forefront.


Asked to only make minor adjustments to the logo, we let illustration and color do the heavy lifting of bringing joy to the brand. Primary shapes and colors are coupled with line illustrations featuring our pets’ happiest moments—wagging their tails, playing with yarn, etc.

Icon Animations

Looping icons breathe extra life into the brand by giving joyful, animal-like characteristics to inanimate objects.

UI Illustrations

Shepherd leads the industry in software intuitiveness and we wanted to highlight that throughout the website and marketing materials without solely relying on screenshots. We developed a simplified illustration style that allows us to highlight the most important features in a approachable way.

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