Art Direction

Brand Identity


Over the seven years I worked at Belief Agency, I worked on many fun internal projects. The biggest undertaking was updating the brand and website in 2021 to better represent the new values while respecting where the company came from. Smaller undertakings feature the many merch drops we created over the years.

Brand update

Updating the brand in 2021, we wanted to maintain the roots and simply improve brand usability, especially in digital applications. I redrew the hand and key logo to use less lines, created a robust typography system, and Matt Naylor illustrated various items and vignettes that represent storytelling.

Seasonal Merch

We really loved our seasonal merch and would have all our designers contribute. With the rules kept very loose, there was plenty of room for fun. Here’s a smattering of merch I worked on—some seasonal collections that we’d share with clients and some for employees only.

Metal Lettering by Christophe Szpajdel